6 maj 2014

What unintentional learning occurred?

Something interesting just happened...

We were looking at responses from my first Minecraft project and my colleague Jenh (and upcoming MinecraftEDU partner) just saw something very interesting. Among a lot of questions in my evaluation there was one where I wanted the participants to reflect about what unintentional learning they had occurred?

Sorry, it's all swedish :D and it's not a science research I know that, but still very interesting.

To the left
Key competences for lifelong learning from the Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) and according to Google Translate (for once it seems right) and I quote:

An important part of professional skills is the key competences for lifelong learning. They are the skills required for continuous learning and for that individual to come to terms in the future, in new situations and in a changing world of work. The means improved vocational education and improved civic skills, which are needed in all industries. Competencies needed for the students / candidates are to follow the changes in society and working life and adapt in a changing world. 

Key competences for lifelong learning 

  1. lifelong learning and problem solving 
  2. interaction and collaboration 
  3. professional ethics 
  4. health, safety and working 
  5. initiative and enterprise 
  6. sustainable Development 
  7. aesthetics 
  8. Information and media literacy 
  9. mathematics and science 
  10. technology and information technology 
  11. active citizenship and different cultures.

(end quote)

To the right
And according to the responses of the evaluation:

  1. Be able to plan and be proactive (6) 
  2. Boolean value (redstones = electrcal engineering) (1)
  3. Ability to manage information (4)
  4. Analysis Ability (2) 
  5. Cooperation (5)  
  6. Understanding how communities were built in the past and how to utilize natural resources (2)
  7. Materials properties and structure of (4) 
  8. Interaction between man, society and nature (3)
  9. Design and creation (5) 
  10. Programming and scripting (command block) (2)  
  11. Solving Problems (6) 
  12. Think Programming and Logic (command block) (1)
Something very interesting happens there...

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