26 augusti 2014

Superbetter test

I've been listen a lot lately to Jane McGonigal talking about her awesome invention SuperBetter. I know this what I'm going to talk about isn't what she exactly says... but as I got inspired of her thoughts I thought it could be something to test. 

After approx 5 min she talks about: "I wish I had let myself be happier" and there I think it got interesting for my little test. I am happy but also stressed about how to manage my studies, my classes/teacher/school, family and more. 
I need some time for myself.

Other things she talks about in this TED Talk is that online game playing, like 30 min a day helps you to feel better. If you create your avatar as a better version of yourself you will also be more braver, ambitious and commited in real life.
Sounds amazing!

I already do spend a lot of time with my family playing games and so, but I also feel I need 30 min to escape in a world of my own. And if I'm successful in that mission I believe I will be less stressed, better dad and husband and have more energy to my work as well. And as I happens to be a gamer, this might work for me :)

I've activated my World of Warcraft account and created a new character. Because all the heirlooms I have is leather armor, I thought a new hunter could work, and inspired of you know who I also named this character "Superbetter".

And the avatar thoughts sounds so interesting that I have to check it out! Despite to all my other characters this one actually reminds me about me :)

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