19 november 2014

Computergames are evil. E-V-I-L!

"Your class eat, sleep and shit computer games!"
I am so sorry, I can't see the problem.
Not really.

Yep, today one of my colleagues came and told me that my class eat, think, sleep, breathe and live computer games. 
Yep, so what?

"It's evil! 
We have do ban it! 
We we must introduce a total ban of computer games in school!"

...because that is working today?
Or not?

I tried to explain how you can be a professional gamer and earn great money, but when I looked in my colleagues eyes I realized I had crossed some kind of a line there...


I have a simpler solution:
Because you have already analyzed the situation so well, why don't you change your didactics? Instead of fight the computer gaming, why do not take advantage of their interest? As you already have figured out, they learn in a different way...

I got proof of that with a discussion yesterday with some students who believe the programming courses is way over their top. The only time when they actually did learn something was when I had them play MinecraftEDU using ComputerCraftEDU.

After one day they said they had finally learned and understand the WHILE loop.

And I got a proof yesterday they still remember the WHILE-loop because they told me their whole programming courses can be summarized as a WHILE-loop...

It's a fight you can't win.
Accept the computer and video games.
Take advantage of it.
Improvise, adapt and overcome!

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