12 februari 2015

Gamify your teaching

The other day one of my colleagues came by and asked me how good I'm doing apps. She had such an awesome idea how an app could help her gamify her teaching. A simple basic idea: hide clues everywhere and anywhere in the school, when the students finds them, put them together and earn some electro coins to cash in with for a reward.

And her ideas got into my head and I couldn't stop thinking of it. Such a good idea ought to go to be solved!

Do we really need an app?
No, not really.
Keep It Simple Stupid

I came up with a solution and she thought it would be so fun (and interesting) so we have to test it. We use Google Drive, add-ons and QR-codes.

We create one (1) quiz about diagnoses with ten (10) check questions and six (6) different answers (one for ADD, one for ADHD, one for autism and so on). We copy that one Google form, use the add-on Flubaroo and create a correct answer for all separate quizzes. With the Flubaroo add-on we can email each participant directly with feedback. We use our schools testimonials N1, G2 and B3 and they earn the same amount of "electro coins".
  • N1: 70% correct answers = 1 coin
  • G2: 80% correct answers = 2 coins
  • B3: 90% correct answers = 3 coins
  • B3+: 100% correct answers = 4 coins

To each form we use a QR-code and that code can be hidden everywhere and anywhere, in a pdf-document or in a classroom. The QR code links to the quiz and some information who can take it.

  • First price: you can skip one examination or if you have done all examinations we don't count the one you screw up.
  • Second price: normally they have three tries for an examination but now they will have one extra try.
  • Third price: during examination, you will have one answer for free (from the teacher)

We still have to discuss the amount of coins for each price, but maybe it could be 3xG2+3xB3, 3x2+3x3=6+9=15 coins as the lowest level and 4xB3+2xB3+, 4x3+2x4=20 coins as the highest level. So you win the first price if you score between 15-20 coins.

Yeah, and with that thinking you'll have a bonus price as well, but we have to figure out something.

Our thought is to challenge our students to learn more with a minimal resources of us teachers, therefor check questions and auto correction add-on.

And finally, there's an actual working idea of gamification taking place and even though I've come up with the solution myself I doubt I'll be the first one to try it :D

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