19 augusti 2014

The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

Okay, so today I started my course about "PCs and Peripherals" and the class has seven adolescents around 15-17 years old and one adult at 30. During the introduction I asked how many play computer games, raise your hands!

From this year we should be a so called 1:1 school and use the SAMR model. This class got their tools (ASUS T100T) last Friday and next question: How many of you have not installed a game on the unit? Raise your hands!

Okay, so no matter what I have a class of gamers and I truly believe youth of today learn in a different way from what I've been learning. Or how you teach teachers to educate. Or never the less, what their parents believe. When I continued with my master plan, the advanced redstone computer in Minecraft they did "high five!" ...and the old guy, the World of Warcraft gamer, thought it would be interesting...

But first, as I read in Eduelfies blog some weeks ago (comments, replies and feedback) one good startpoint would be to do the The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology quiz. By doing that, just for fun, except the fact I won them to my side they have a lots of learning going on already!

But here's the thing.
According to my colleagues this ain't going to work.
One of my fellow teachers had a long explanation about what the old guy has done before and therefor, of course, won't be able to achive any knowledge.

He's too old...

And I thought, dear God...
Do not shoot me down right away.
And let my try do it my way, because I feel I have them all interested.

And by the way, he's a gamer. 
And so am I.
And you are not.
Live with that.

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