15 februari 2014

Mindmap and thoughts: project 2

I've started two new courses, two projects, with the purpose to learn and understand programming. My groupmembers study to be Datanom (Business Information Technican) and if there's a chance we can catch the way of programming it would help a lot.

When I was searching for information about Minecraft and the mod ComputerCraft I also came across the gamemaker tool CraftStudio. There's a lots of benefits with both programs, so I'll test them both.

When you run this kind of project you'll also be able to include other subjects, if the other teachers are open minded enough to understand, accept and take the chance. Some of my fellow teachers has been positive but most are sceptical and actually, I would say, have the guts to test something new  :P

When I look at the qualification requirements to become a Datanom (Business Information Technican) I'll see there's a chance to include following subjects:

The subjects in the middle but not in any order. I've been looking at the Padagogy Wheel V3.0 to see what I can connect to my courses and SAMR Model. I'll gladly take input and feedback on my thaughts :)

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