24 februari 2014

YouTube and the 5yo princess

Again, the 5 yo princess has taken us by surprise. When I thought she used YouTube as a chance to watch children movies she actually has found walkthru's and tutorials to both Minecraft and Monster High 13 wishes.

Yesterday she showed her uncle, the usually data nerd in the family, how to use and build in Minecraft. If he starts to play I guess it won't take long before he start to teach her programming within Minecraft (ComputerCraft mod).

Monster High 13 Wishes, she found it (YouTube) and she has been looking for it when we have been shopping. Now, again, we're about to use our own little gamification home where the princess can earn som extra money if she helps in the household.

This week I'm going to start use Minecraft to help some students with dyscalculia or other learning  disabilities understand geometry. They're about to create for example a garden with a perimeter of 36 units or a house with an area of 56 square units.

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