25 mars 2014

Math geometry test

Finally I have a math test ready for the students, a test we - the Minecraft allies - all could agree on. I have not yet any experience about MinecraftEDU but in a vanilla server it's pretty hard to make triangles, cylinders and circles. But I solved that part with give the students the solution, instead they have to explain, write down, how you do it. Or more exactly: analyze my solutions.

Some of my fellow teachers went nuts when I told them the test includes eight (8) papers. And because of the eight papers the students must have several hours... eh? what? I have 14 tasks where the first and last is to put yourself in position and record your activity. 

So twelve tasks to go. 
Several hours? 
I think not. 
We're talking about generation G, not ourselves :P

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In upper secondary vocational institutions you get the marks

  • U0 (underkänd) - FAIL!
  • N1 (nöjaktig) - satisfactory
  • G2 (godkänt) - approved
  • B3 (berömlig) - excellent
Each task should have the mark so the student know how hard the task is and what it's worth.

Okay, so my thought about this test is to include much geometry but also a bit of equations and do it in a fun way. Therefor they have to go to the airport, travel to the math test and begin their journey. Three tasks they have to write down in the booklet so I have just made task numbers without workspace here and there. They will have workspace both in the paper copy (that's why it's eight pages) as well in Minecraft.

I only have them one by one, these students, so therefor I can use this single map (sort of) to everyone. I only have to clear their sketches now and then :D

I will have two full scale tests next week: the student with dyscalculia (I'm sure he will pass on N1) and one lazy non-motivated student that now works harder than ever...

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