7 mars 2014

Minecraft and math

So as you know, I've started my math course, or the support in math with Minecraft. Once again, this is nothing my school does officially and "the higher educated pedagogy" doesn't even like it. But, I have support from my principal. He makes the decisions and I make them come true :D

Today I have found an ally, one of the math teachers, that also see the possibilities to learn a different way, like Minecraft. Again, my principal did a new fast decision, "yes he can pay that teacher to come aboard" and now I have an ally that will make a test to my students. Within Minecraft. So my students not even can do my records in Minecraft but they can also be able to pass the course make a test within the game! Amazing!

What is it they say? 
A small step for a man a big step for mankind!? 

And I'm pretty sure this dyscalculia student will make it this course without having any extra support, and I don't know who it's going to suprise most: him or my fellow teachers? :P

Today I have done some instructions for my fellow teachers that are willing to test Minecraft and also done some more records to the faster students. Among other stuff they are about to create a red dice with white spots. And they have to figure out how big it has to be by themselves...

I also have contacted one researcher, PhD in math difficulties (Åbo Akademi University), about my efforts in Minecraft, what I'm doing and how positive response I've gotten.About the dyscalculia student and the other with ADHD and ADD. And he also thought that was thrilling, especially as he had never heard about Minecraft (!). But again, it takes a lot more to make science out of this :)

Well, we'll see what that leads to in the future :D

And finally, yesterday my principal deputized one of the classes who is building 3D models in Minecraft (our school and more). He got interested and also saw the possibilities with it. Easy to learn, easy to create and he immediately saw several courses where to use it further on.

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