12 september 2014


This is not, repeat not, the way we should teach our kids in the 21st century!

When I saw my daughters classroom in her pre-school I got flashbacks to my own pre-school 1975. That's 40 years ago!!!

Have you been sleeping in a closet for the last decay? Computers and Internet are important and natural things in our kids every day life. They are the Generation Global! And no, even though they play lots of videogames they don't breath it, but you should be aware it is an important thing in their lifes.

They breath Internet.

AquaVera has used iPad since 2yo, computers since 3yo and she has since that age been doing three things with Internet: learn (children sites has lots of info of space, enviroment, ecology and more), search (youtube) and game.

I was at least expecting a computer for the teacher and a video canon, maybe some cameras (or better iPads) but not only papers. I was expecting a mix, best of two worlds...

And dear Lord have mercy... Girls of today are as much skilled in computers and games than boys. Accept it.

Dear readers, as you can see I'm a bit frustrated. And refer AquaVera to 'the small blonde' will never happen again, that was just a try to get you understand times has changed, whatever you like it or not :P

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