18 september 2014

Parental meeting with gamification and kahoot

Yesterday we, our school, had a parental meeting. Some of my colleagues had prepared their parts (in their classrooms) with PowerPoints, the one I saw had tons of information in it. Others hadn't done a thing.

Because we have started this 1:1 pedagogy, where each student has a laptop, I thought I should show the parents literally what this new pedagogy could be. And the best way, in my mind, was to use Gamification and flip my information with a Kahoot quiz.

When I listen to my colleagues I also realized it wasn't any idea to even think about talk about my solution, I'm so much more into the future that it probably only would scare them :P ...except some of the female teachers in the practical nurse training area, they were a bit jealous they hadn't thought about doing the same!

Using Kahoot! on a parental meeting was a huge success! 
The parents review of the meeting was 5 stars.

I started to tell the parents that I'm convinced youth of today learn in a complete different way than we did (back in the days) and this way (Kahoot!) is one of the better ways to flip the theoretical parts into a learning process. Also, I'm sure they learn lots of things while they play games, for example Minecraft.

How did I do?
Well, before I started I made some preparations:
I had make sure I would have my class/parents in a computer classroom.
I logged in to the computers and set them up (kahoot.it)

When the meeting started.
Some of the parents wasn't used with computers, but it was easy to click with mouse on one of four very large buttons. The first questions wasn't any important, they were about me and I took the chance to talk about me, presentation.

I thought maybe 3-4 parents would participiate but all of them (15) joined me. There were no competition as I usually have in classes, but after 5-6 questions and when approx 10 of them had answered the left overs started to feel the pressure ;)

When we was talking about the length of the education, how many points they need and more I could inform the parents I had them to do some math during the meeting, the unintentional learning during the parental meeting :)

I got the whole bunch of parents both active and involved in the meeting. There was no chance to fall asleep or not listen. There was no room to misunderstand the important parts as grades, courses, attendance and so on.

I also got the parents on my side to use games, like Minecraft, in education.

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