6 oktober 2014

Small thoughts on gamification

AquaVera, my 6 year old daughter, trying to learn to ride a bike. Or more precisely, she tries to find the courage to ask her father let go. Yesterday, when she tried and tried to find the courage to go by herself she came up with a solution.

Suddenly she screamed "let go", whizzed down the hill and when she stopped, she rang the bell seven times. 

A bit later, on flat ground, she said, "let me try myself", and so she swerved off to the next hill. When she stopped, she rang the bell ten times.

I had to ask why she use the bell so much, I mean, usually you use it to warn others you are coming.

She explained: "I get points. Downhill was easy and was worth seven points. On flat ground it was a bit harder, maintain balance, pedal and steer."

Gamification doesn't have to be harder than that.

So what did I learn?
There is always something to learn!
Our kids truly learn in a different way than we do or did. To use game experience to overcome fear sounds high tech but all it takes is some fantasy. When you as a teacher creates your lessons or courses, don't forget your imagination. 

Remember KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!

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