14 oktober 2014

The asthma girl got pneumonia

Saturday 11th of October we had our wedding day, six year anniversary, and I thought I had planned for everything: food, wedding cake, flowers, present. The only thing I hadn't planned for happened. 

Our daughter AquaVera, the asthma girl, got pneumonia.

Instead of having a nice weekend we have spent it at the hospital, my wife the first night and I the second night. And yes, of course it's nice the health system works that good and that she got treatment in no time, and yes she's doing much better thank you.

So what to do with a sick but restless 6 year old girl? Well, yesterday we build a 3D jigsaw house to her My Little Ponies but today I didn't had any energy to that and she also asked when I'm going to "work next time in Minecraft..." 

So we started the My Little Pony mod and started to play. Some stuff I have been giving us (as an operator); mostly armor, weapons, some food, fishing rod and the enchantment table, but the rest we've craft and built. Why? Well, try to play with a 6 yo and you'll pretty soon realize they (1) don't always has the patience and (2) she's scared about the mobs.

This time we have started to play with mobs and easy, so our enemies can't climb in the trees nor open fence gates (Thank God!) but when they're moving a bit too close she screams: 
(Thank you! I only have ten zombies chasing me...)

The hunting tower (with the windows) is her invention just like the fishing site (to the left). The closest tree house is our library and enchanting room. 

Behind the house is a two storey house with a kitchen in the "ground floor" and bedrooms above.

Because of the exploding nerds (creepers) we had to move our farming place from the ground up in the trees. Carrots and potatoes are loot from mobs and both wheat and sugar can be found outside. She has also started to make hamburgers after been looking at Everyday Minecraft (bread+beef+bread=nam nam!).

And back to the hunting tower, here we can safely kill the mobs... She needs to practice both aim with the bow as be used to the mobs. But a good thing if you compare survival peaceful and survival easy mode is it actually make sense to collect and make food. At the moment she force me to fish so we can tame cats...

Yep, lots of fence, someone was falling down in the middle of the fight, logged out, I had to clear the area while she was pissed and then she could log back.

Dusk and dawn have to end this little report from the sick leave...

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